6-Week Jump Start - Women's Performance Center - Lakeland, FL

Success Stories

Matt is an awesome trainer, highly recommend him. He has taught me so much not only about training, but also eating and making it all come together to get results. He is very patient, but also pushes you to do better. I am one that is not real coordinated in the beginning, but with his training I have changed all that and it feels great. If you are looking for a patient but tough trainer who will bring out the best in you, I highly recommend Matt Olsen.

– Linda

Matt Olsen is the best trainer out there he is professional and caring.

I have always hated the thought of "going to the gym for a workout" it's just not something I enjoyed, but Matt is super motivating, and genuinely cares about his clients & their well being. He is especially good with finding exercises that work for you specifically, I have a knee injury and Matt is always concerned and making sure I am doing things correctly so I don't cause further damage. You can't find any better personal training than Matt Olsen!
– Debbie

Matt knows what he is talking about, big factor if you REALLY want to make a change. He will not sugar coat it for you. But if you want real results that will last I definitely recommend him. you won't go in to do a couple sit ups and call it a day. He has been a great teacher, I feel I have been given the right tools, I have learned a lot about my body and I have noticed a huge change! I love it and I'm very happy and gaining confidence!

– Randi

Do you feel lethargic, unmotivated, disconnected or just plain gross?
Are you uncomfortable with how your body looks now?
Do old photos upset you because you were in better shape before?
Do you feel like there just has to be a better way but you don’t know how to change?
With all of the fitness information that’s out there, are you confused on what you need to do to?!
Do you lack a game plan, accountability & support?

Would you like to have a step-by-step system to guide you to:


Know exactly how to train to meet your body goals


Feel happier, more energized and more confident


Feel more comfortable in your own skin


Wake up inspired and go to sleep feeling fulfilled


Look better naked

6-Week Jump Start - Women's Performance Center - Lakeland, FL


6-Week Jump Start - Women's Performance Center - Lakeland, FL
…Feel happier
…Feel more alive
…Look better in clothes…or look better naked
…Feel worthy
…Enjoy showing off the body you’ve worked hard for
…Have a structured fitness game plan to work into your busy schedule
6-Week Jump Start - Women's Performance Center - Lakeland, FL
6-Week Jump Start - Women's Performance Center - Lakeland, FL

Stop feeling lost inside of the gym

When we set a goal, create a plan, follow the plan and see results – you’ll instill the confidence required to change who you are. You’ll receive a custom training program that matches your goals and priorities. Optimal programming: Number of sets, number of reps, rest interval lengths included for every workout.
6-Week Jump Start - Women's Performance Center - Lakeland, FL

Don't go at it alone

You’ll always have the guidance you need from me as your personal coach. You’ll quickly notice how many of your peers are also using personal trainers at our facility and working to achieve their goals. If they can do it – so can you!




Women that can invest at least 2 hours/week towards their fitness regimen.


Women who are tired of walking on the treadmill for hours each week and getting minimal – zero results


Women that are ready to live a better life, NOW!


Don't waste another minute being stuck in that cycle of hating
your body, and comparing yourself to societies version of
what fitness looks like.