Who’s Matt Olsen?

by | Aug 6, 2018 | Online Coaching

Great Question.

I’m simply (not so simply), the skinny kid who got fed up with being skinny. Weak. Unfit.

At my earliest thought of fitness in 2007, I never imagined that I’d gain a single pound. Let alone coach over 200 women in my hometown of Lakeland, Florida one day.

Here’s a quick recap of my life after high school. You know, when life really starts.

  • HCC STUDENT 2009-2014; Liberal Arts Degree (A lot of partying, no direction)
  • FSU STUDENT 2014-2015; Psychology Major (Too much partying, rock bottom)
  • ROCK BOTTOM March 2015; Alone sitting at my dinner table, asking myself the tough questions of what do I enjoy enough to make a career out of.
  • ODD JOBS March 2015-October 2015; Knew I was going to be a fitness coach, needed to save the money for the certification, getting back on my feet etc.,
  • PASSED MY EXAM November 4th, 2015; Let the job hunt begin…

The job hunt lasted about 2 weeks. I received offers from LA Fitness and Crunch at the time. Neither were in Lakeland which was inconvenient but I didn’t care, I was gung-ho.

Before I interviewed I did one last search of gyms and personal training studios in Lakeland. The list was about 6 businesses long, that I wrote down on a white sheet of paper.

I applied to the ones with the option of an online application and called the ones that didn’t.

I called a gym that I never heard of, Total Body Conditioning. They have two locations, North and South Lakeland.

I called and the manager for the North side location answers. He puts me in touch with the owner and we schedule a meeting to chat.

I put forth my best attitude, printed my resume and arrived early. All good things.

To my surprise, he did his best trying to talk me out of becoming a coach there.

He was right, the fitness industry is extremely competitive and there has to be over 100 new coaches getting certified throughout the country on a weekly basis.

I didn’t hear enough to make me walk out of the door though.

We talked some more.

After he agreed to let me start coaching at our South Lakeland facility and also offered to train me to become the next office manager. Wow!


  • CERTIFIED PERSONAL TRAINER 2015-Present; Founded The Women’s Performance Center
  • TOTAL BODY CONDITIONING MANAGER 2015-2018; Launched a promotion with over 90 appointments in a 5 day span
  • ONLINE FITNESS COACH 2017-Present; Launched our first fully online program

At the dinner table in March 2015 when I was at rock bottom and sitting alone, I could have decided to become anything or anybody.

I chose to be a fitness coach.

If there’s anything that I can help you with, please email me at matt@womensperformancecenter.com and I will write you back.