What have we been up to?

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It’s been a wild 17-month’s. Let’s catch up!

Spring 2020: The pandemic swept through America and I decided it was a good time to re-evaluate my training services for current times.

For April and May, I went with a Zoom-only group fitness approach like many trainers in America and worked out with my clients and community. Card workouts 🃏

This was a nice, temporary phase to remain social, exercise together and figure out the next steps in this new world.

I woke up one morning with the wild idea that I was going to bring the gym to our home. With both my wife and I’s full-time employment being at home already and our daughter making her arrival in October, this risk felt minimized.

It felt like the best play.

I started quietly making this idea into reality by re-organizing our garage, purchasing flooring and purchasing equipment (which was very hard to acquire during this time due to limited availability).

By June, I nervously opened (let’s call it, WPC I) and sent out the memo for my clients to arrive.

I wasn’t nervous about my clients coming into my home. I was nervous about their experience not being enough.

I knew that I would continue to reinvest money back into equipment as the months went on. I also knew not to overthink it and just start.

First session; WPC I. June 2020.

It was great to have my people back!

Summer went well. Failed and learned as I went.

Arrow was born in the fall 👶🏻

By winter, I had 8 active personal training clients, a 40 hour/week full-time job and an infant. And I loved it.

Winter 2020; WPC I

Where we are today

After a successful first year – we just hit our 1 year anniversary 🎉 – day to day operations are continuing at our new location; let’s call it WPC II

Today, I’m enjoying working with a wider selection of ladies and young ladies all after the same goal – to get stronger and to move better.

Whether that’s to:

Extend the independence/living without assistance for my adult ladies ⬇️ 

Adult strength training; Summer 2021; WPC II

or to make my young ladies better at their sport ⬇️ 

Active stretching before strength training; WPC II

… I’m using similar methods (strength training and mobility) to help my clients achieve their unique, personal goals.

Are you interested in elevating your confidence? Or elevating your capability? Maybe boosting your immune system during these scary times? Or maybe improving your positioning in the dating pool?

There’s no such thing as a bad goal. Your goal is your goal.

Reach out and I’ll be happy to help you https://www.instagram.com/womensperformancecenter/

Matthew Olsen