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Meet Randi – WPC Client

Meet Randi! Randi started training with me in mid 2017. She joined as a member of our 1st Pay It Forward Project and later transitioned into a 1-on-1 coaching client of mine. The main focus in her first phase of training was to lose unwanted body-fat, first and...

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Meet Abby and Nadia

Meet Abby and Nadia! Abby started training with me about 12 months ago. She was clear on what her goals were, why she wanted to accomplish them so then we set a plan. (3) 60-minute sessions per week at 6:30am. After I learned how Abby moves, what her energy was like...

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Who’s Matt Olsen?

Great Question. I'm simply (not so simply), the skinny kid who got fed up with being skinny. Weak. Unfit. At my earliest thought of fitness in 2007, I never imagined that I'd gain a single pound. Let alone coach over 200 women in my hometown of...

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