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Meet Marlana!

Marlana and I were friends on Facebook and I followed up with her a few times until she came in to start training. Marlana started training with me in mid 2017. Like most new clients, she started shaky, weak and uncertain if this was for her. It was important for me to reassure her that it’s hardest in the beginning but to keep her goals in sight and see this through.

The main focus in Marlana’s first phase of training was to develop a baseline of stability, endurance and strength. Within a couple of short months we accomplished this and the training then intensified.

Like anything else, confidence has to be built. In this case, in the gym. You have to learn proper technique, learn what that feels like, focus in on your reps. There’s no workaround here. This takes time.

Marlana’s confidence slowly growing performing barbell squats in fall 2017. A big step.

Showing up. Focusing. Taking training seriously. Repeat.

It’s not easy. It’s not extremely hard. But it is simple.

When confidence continues to grow, you take on new challenges. It’s a natural process.

I’ve always said that if you focus on getting stronger, your body goals fall in line. If you feel too frail, you’ll get stronger. If you feel like you’re overweight, your body will lose the extra weight you’re carrying. Focus on getting stronger, it’s much less stressful than obsessing about your body.

Process goals > Outcome Goals.

Coaching Marlana on trapbar deadlifts, arguably the king of all exercises within the gym.

Her results

She has not only gained confidence in her body but more importantly in her abilities to do hard things.

During her time with Women’s Performance Center I’ve seen Marlana go from reluctant and uncertain about fitness to graduating on to advanced training in Crossfit and obstacle course racing. It’s been truly incredible to be part of her journey and I couldn’t be more proud. Well done, Marlana.

100% of her success has been due to strength training and nutrition adherence with very little to no cardio.

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