Meet Abby and Nadia

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Meet Abby and Nadia!

Abby started training with me about 12 months ago. She was clear on what her goals were, why she wanted to accomplish them so then we set a plan. (3) 60-minute sessions per week at 6:30am.

Abby performing a Barbell Romanian Deadlift during a 1-on-1 session.

After I learned how Abby moves, what her energy was like in the morning, the intensity she enjoys training at and what her stamina was, I invited her to join a couple of my 5:30am clients.

This continued until Abby’s daughter in law, Nadia, moved to Florida and joined us to train in the evenings.

Nadia executing a landmine stiff legged deadlift during 1-on-1 coaching.

Their results

In the past 12 weeks, Abby has lost 8lbs, 3.84% body-weight and 9.5 inches. Nadia, not to be outdone, has lost 8lbs, 6.4% body-weight and 6 inches.

100% of their success has been due to strength training and nutrition consciousness with very little cardio.

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