Meet Randi – WPC Client

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Meet Randi!

Randi started training with me in mid 2017. She joined as a member of our 1st Pay It Forward Project and later transitioned into a 1-on-1 coaching client of mine.

Coaching Randi proper technique early in her fitness journey with the Women’s Performance Center.

The main focus in her first phase of training was to lose unwanted body-fat, first and foremost. We proudly accomplished this together by October 2017.

Randi’s results, before and after side by side in October 2017.

Now being lighter and stronger, Randi joined a handful of my other coaching client’s competing at the Savage obstacle course race. With the help of one of her teammates, she even accomplished one of her main fears: Jumping off of Davy Jone’s Locker.

Matt and Randi at Savage Race Florida 2017.


Cheering on Randi and Angel at Davy Jone’s locker, a 15 foot+ free fall jump.

In 2018, Randi has continued to focus on strength training during 1-on-1 sessions to improve her overall body composition, reducing body fat and increasing muscle tone. Aside from strength training, we also emphasize soft tissue mobility work to reduce lower back pain.

Randi pulling a sled that’s over 250lbs in 1-on-1 training.

Her results

Randi has lost close to 20lbs during her time with The Women’s Performance Center. She’s competed in local fitness competitions and obstacle course races alike.

100% of her success has been due to strength training and nutrition adherence with very little to no cardio.

Randi performing Slam Ball Soccer Throws in Summer 2018.

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